Apple espalier


There are hundreds of plants that could have been planted under the two front windows of this grand house, and yet the owners have chosen espaliered apple trees. They’re an unusual choice, but they work really well – the garden is quite formal, and they fit in nicely.

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More crimson creeper

Queen Square, Bath
Queen Square, Bath

I hereby declare it Virginia Creeper Week on this blog. Here’s another smasher, which I’ve had my eye on for a while, waiting for it to turn the most delicious shade of pinky-red.

Queen Square is a lovely, tranquil place to sit, by the way. Although I must admit I shattered the peace of it many years ago when I helped launch a giant rocket there on Bonfire Night. Crazy times, now long behind me.

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Virginia Creepers

Iford, Somerset

Much as I dislike the onset of autumn (although it’s not really autumn I’ve got a problem with – it’s the season that follows it), I love spotting Virginia creepers when they’ve reached the optimum shade of crimson. Here are a couple of corkers I’ve spotted recently, against brilliant blue skies.


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